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The criminal justice system regards all individuals accused of a crime “innocent until proven guilty”. However, that is not reality for most defendants.   Facing criminal charges in Georgia is extremely serious and the penalties for the conviction affect you for the rest of your life.  A conviction could not only impact you financial but could lead to irreversible damage to your reputation and prevent you from seeking employment and supporting your family.

If you are facing criminal charges you need a strong legal advocate committed to protecting your rights.  AT The Bridges Law we provide high-quality legal services that exceed your expectations.  We bring together decades of criminal defense expertise to resolve your complex criminal charges.  We work tirelessly to protect your rights from the time you are arrested to trial.  We understand you are fighting for you and your family life.  Whether it’s a felony, traffic or DUI charge, you need our strong dedicated professional defending your rights.

If you’ve been accused of a crime, the consequences could affect you and your family for decades. You need a criminal law attorney who’ll fight for you tirelessly.

Call The Bridges Law Firm in Tucker, GA. Our criminal law attorney has worked on both sides of the bench. We know what the prosecution will do and can create a preemptive defense. Give yourself the best chance for a positive outcome by calling 404-800-4750 now.